On Sunday, June 11th Reverend Ashley introduced the idea of using the hologram process as an analogy for how the brain and the soul interpret the world. This Sunday, he will take this correlation to the next level by using it to explore our concept of God.

As mentioned in part one of this two-part series, certain physicists and neurosurgeons are exploring the idea of God and the soul as holograms. In this example, the soul is a hologram of God and God is the Master Hologram of the Universe. Accepting this concept does not mean that God is not real for holograms are projections of "real" phenomenon. However, it does imply that the projection of God starts outside the system of space and time we experience. In this way, as the First Cause, the origin or “location” of God is beyond our reach or understanding. Whether true or not, this concept of God is another hypothesis that opens the Divine Plan to you, one that reveals your relationship to the Spirit of God within you, that serves as a guide for you on the grand journey you are walking, and an explanation for a phenomenon that defies explanation.

Join Reverend Dennis Ashley this Sunday for a lesson that takes a deeper look at where the holograms of soul and God reside.

You can join us in person or watch the service on our live stream feed.

Our featured ensemble is The Unity Choir Singers. They will be led by our Choir Director Julie Croteau and accompanied by LeeAnn Aerlyn-Moore and Judith Pinkerton.