Our Core Values

Spirit Centered
We are a conscious expression of the Spirit within. When we are conscious of Spirit within, we express as Spirit in the world.

We are Love, the pure expression of Spirit. Love is the true essence of who we are.

We are Joy, the feeling of knowing the presence of God. Joy is the evidence of our oneness with God.

We are Abundance, the unconditional and unlimited outpouring of God. We live in a world of unlimited possibility knowing that all is provided by Spirit.

We are Peace, the all-knowing, all-loving presence of God. As we experience serenity, we can “be peace” in the world.

Our Core Principles

God is the only true presence and power in the Universe.

We are individualized expressions of God; our divine potential and spiritual essence are called the Christ.

We create our reality through the thoughts we hold in consciousness.

We become aware of our oneness with God through prayer and meditation.

We must put spiritual truth into practice in order to change our lives.

How to Stay Centered No Matter What