Unity Center of Spiritual Growth

June 9, 2022, Board Meeting


Sheryl Kirby, Donna Hodge, Ginny Taft, Trish DuToit, Dennis Ashley, Roye Ely, Tami Savage, and Donna Smith.

The meeting was called to order at 6:22 with prayer.


Minutes from May were approved as corrected. Motion was made, seconded and carried

Finance Committee Report

  • Despite making budget, our expenses exceeded our income. The shortfall was taken 50% out of each church’s reserve fund. Congregation will be informed with the thermometer method this week.
  • Coffee made money this month. Donna S will send a thank you to Lloyd Hodge.
  • Tami and Cheryl will start working on planning the Spiritual Fair, which is scheduled for Aug. 27.  

Minister’s Report

  • We are participating in Pride in the Park.
  • Eleven volunteers have signed up Community BBQ on Aug 25.
  • Classes have started to bring in income and there are more classes planned
  • Attendance has averaged around 100/Sunday
  • Margaret Walmer has agreed to be the Volunteer Coordinator, there aremultiple ministry teams who all have chairs now.
  • Announcements are in the overheads, in the bulletin and from the pulpit. Hopefully this will increase people’s attention to them.
  • Check out our Facebook page, Patty Ashley is posting on it regularly
  • We are going to do a better job of advertising potlucks

Old Business

  • Turkeys and more. Trish, who is on their board, reported that they will be distributed from our building on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. UCSG will be needing volunteers for that.
  • We need to get volunteers for the Governance Committee. We will consider who in the congregation might be appropriate and ask them.
  • Pay for musicians: we need to clarify who is getting paid what. Dennis will talk to Gwen and get her input in how to make sure it is equitable.
  •  The issue of our carpet was brought up, ours is getting old. Trish offered to get some bids for carpet, but we may need to wait for a major expenditure until after the merger is complete. She will bring any information she has to the next board meeting.

New Business

  • We need more volunteers or staff in the technology dept.  
  • Lighting outside to improve safety while leaving the building.  Will see if James can do anything about it.
  • We will see if our “free” worker is able to do some of the needed grounds work without having to pay the landscaper we had hired.
  • Fire extinguisher: we need to make sure we have one and that it is new and usable. Dennis will ask Jerilyn to make sure ours is updated.

Next Meeting

  •     Next meeting will be July 15 at 6:15.
  •     August meeting will be August 23 at 6:15

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.