Meeting was opened at 6:30 pm with prayer

Present:  Tami Savage, Ginny Taft, Trish DuToit, Cheryl Kirby, Donna Hodge, Roye Ely, Dennis Ashley
Absent: Donna Smith

Minutes from September were approved

Finance Committee

The committee is beginning to put together the budget for next year.  Most of the expenditures are not changeable, salaries are the largest portion of the budget.  There are no areas where we can cut other than personnel.    Letters are about to go out to the folks who signed on for Intentional Giving to remind them of their commitment and let them know where they are.  There continues to be problems with Tithley and the Finance Committee is suggesting that we let it go (which would save us $99/month)
When it comes to increasing income, fundraisers are great but they take time and energy and commitment.  Cheryl, Roye, Mirabel and Judy S will have a meeting to see if they can put together a plan to pull off a Christmas Bazaar.  

Minister’s Committee  attached

Dennis moved that we commit to an expenditure of $575 a month for a three month trial of having a choir director and a once a month performance by the choir who would also participate in a Christmas Eve program.  Motion was seconded and carried.  

I.  Old Business:

    A.  Merger report: the lawyer has submitted an invoice for her work to date without details about the next steps necessary.  Roye emailed asking what comes next and is waiting for her reply.  

    B.  Carpet report: The carpet is scheduled to be installed on Nov 14. It will take 5 days. 

    C.  Community outreach: A list is being compiled of folks who might want to be involved in providing classes or services after church.  UCSG is on for Family Promise starting the week after Thanksgiving for one week.  11-27 through 12-3.  We will just be responsible for overnight hosting again.  

    D.  Governance Committee: At the moment Jennifer James, Dennis, and Roye are the only members. We need to recruit another member from the congregation if possible.  Dennis will look over the application, modify it as needed, and we will make an announcement about looking for board members the first Sunday in November. We will be electing an entirely new board, six members minimum.

    E.  Safety Committee: The committee will begin meeting in near future.

II.  New Business

    A.  Garden clean up.  The weeds and mulch need to be dealt with 

    B.  We will put up a box for warm clothing to be donated to the homeless 

    C.  Volunteers of the month:  Dennis and Judith Burkhardt are to be 
    recognized with a poster, public thank you and a parking space.  

Meeting was adjourned at 8:16 pm.  

Next meeting is scheduled for November 14 at 6:15 pm.