Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by Donna Hodge, opening prayer by Dennis.

Present: Trish DuToit, Ginny Taft, Cheryl Kirby, Donna Smith, Donna Hodge, Dennis Ashley, Roye Ely, Tami Savage

I. Minutes were approved after a motion by Tami to amend the minutes in two ways 1) stating that the carpet purchase was approved to happen after the building of the runway stage at the August meeting and 2) stating that the runway stage has been approved with Dennis and/or Trish getting a bid. Seconded by Donna S. motion passed, amended minutes were approved.

II. Finance Report

A. Finance committee suggests that we move ahead with the carpet replacement using our reserve fund to pay for it, splitting it between the two congregational reserve funds. Tami so moved, seconded by Cheryl. Motion passed. It was noted that this will significantly reduce the reserve account that is currently in the USCNI account. A check will be cut to put a down payment down.

B. There is going to be a financial review of the financial books from COT, DBA Center of Spiritual Growth. A member of the previous church and the previous board will be there and it will be on September 25 after church. Donna H will provide as many records as she can along with the check register since she took over as treasurer.

C. We are needing to have the board be involved again in counting the money again after the service. This is standard church operating procedure and provides security for our office staff. A schedule was made for October so that two board members will count the offering after services each Sunday.

D. Talking to congregation about shortfall. We agreed to have a Board member do a nudge during the announcements about the shortfall in giving this summer.

III. Report on the Fair

A. The vendors were happy, are anxious to have it again next year

B. Need more publicity

C. A map of what vendors were there and where they were located on the property

D. We made approximately $1500

IV. Minister’s report (attached)

A. Of note is that there are approximately three times more people attending UCSG this summer compared to summer of 2021

V. Old Business

A. Merger activity - no word from the lawyer

B. Safety Committee - Dennis and Roye are going to head it up and we will have a meeting in the near future.

C. Going to two services: there are definite pros and cons.

1. A committee was set up to do the planning for publicity, volunteers, and other issues involved. At the staff meeting on Monday, Sept 19, several board members will attend to begin the discussion. It was also decided to invite congregants to voice their opinion after this Sunday’s service.

D. Grounds report: Roye will set up a meeting of folks involved in caring for the grounds to plan for fall and beyond work. The garden has been a huge success. The sprinkler system has been brought up to speed. There are winterizing jobs that need to be done.

V. New Business

A. We need a governance committee. Current members are Roye and Dennis. They will look for two members from the congregation.

B. The woman who did Aura reading at the Fair has offered to come take the aura pictures after church on Sunday

C. Fund raising ideas from Cheryl: having a quick class before services or between services and take a love offering, Christmas craft festival, tree lighting party, bring in folks from the Wellness Fair to do their “thing” before and/or after the Sunday services

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.