Jesus spoke a dialect of Hebrew called Aramaic. And one of the most fascinating words in Aramaic is “ephphatha.” It is a command, that means “Be opened.” It’s such an interesting and fascinating word that when The Bible is translated into different languages, it almost always keeps the word ephphatha in its original Aramaic. Somehow, it's more powerful that way.

That is your job in this life, to be opened to the Spirit of God and then be opened by the Spirit of God. The state of being open to the influence of the Voice of God takes you deeper and deeper. It returns you to a state of grace. That is one of the reasons you need to stay open to this sense of God more and more.

Join Reverend Dennis this Sunday for a lesson about “Ephphatha” and how the Spirit of God always arrives in your life unannounced.

Our music ensemble features Julie Croteau. She will be accompanied by LeeAnn Aerlyn-Moore and Jim Turner.