Whatever name you choose, whether it is the Creator, the Almighty, or Our Father, God is a concept that can be hard to wrap your mind around. Consequently, every religion has their own names and definitions for God. Contemplating the nature of God can bring up so many different and perplexing possibilities. Nonetheless, gaining some clarity about God’s essence and infinite nature can provide insight into your own eternal qualities. Equipped with this knowledge, you will find it easier to accept and heal from the mistakes you have made in life.

Join Reverend Dennis Ashley this Sunday for a lesson about God and how this principal object of faith offers personal relevance and meaning for your life.

December 3 is also the start of Advent Season, a time of reflective preparation for Christ's Nativity at Christmas. We hope you will join us as we kick off this joyous aspect of Christmas.

Our ensemble features special guest musician Pamela Benton. She will be accompanied by Pianist LeeAnn Aerlyn-Moore. Julie Croteau will be our song leader.