Joseph Campbell was an acclaimed professor of Comparative Mythology and Comparative Religion whose life’s work focused on uncovering distinct aspects of our shared human experience. Regarding the universal and often unfulfilled yearning to become more fully realized, he is credited with saying that in striving to reach the top of the ladder we often discover that it is leaning against the wrong wall.

Through your actions of reading, attending church, taking classes, or just pondering your existence, you are climbing random ladders. In other words, you are seeking avenues of inspiration that will lift you up and evoke conscious evolution. The objective is to transform your consciousness. The question is, have you selected the right wall to climb?

Join Reverend Dennis Ashley this Sunday for a lesson about shifting this transformational consciousness into high gear. Applying these principles will help you to achieve greater success and create a deeper, more profound spiritual life. 

Our featured ensemble is S.O.U.L. They are Gwen Gathercoal, Paul Gathercoal, Cheryl Kirby, Lisa Siri, Judith Pinkerton, Gary Buettner, and Dagan Williamson.