November 28 marks the beginning of Advent Season. The words Advent and adventure share the same Latin root “to come.” Advent is a time of waiting; a pregnant pause when you are open to new possibilities. In addition, it is a catalyst for releasing what no longer serves you. The four weeks of Advent are represented by four candles which encircle the Christ candle. They are hope, peace, joy, and love. Like Jesus, the candles illuminate the darkness and serve as symbols of the Spiritual light with in everyone.

Join our guest speaker Susie Weller for a lesson on how to enjoy the “Advent”ure as you learn to expand the Light of Spirit within yourself and others.

To help guide you through the Season of Advent, Susie Weller has produced a 2021 Advent Calendar of Daily Reflections

You can join us in person at 10AM or watch the service on our live stream feed.

Melody and Michael Harrison will be our musical guests. Gary Buettner will accompany them. Melody will also be our song leader.