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There are times when you must face the fact that you cannot succeed on your own. During these moments in life, you must be willing to admit that you are powerless and call upon others to assist you. It does not matter in what form the help manifests, the key is to recognize that you are the obstacle in your own path and that you need help. Simply through the act of surrender, you open the doors of possibility. Through surrender and humility, you can unlock the power in powerlessness. Then you will find the strength and will to grow and transform whatever issue or situation you face.
October 10 is week one of our seven week Fall SpiritGroup Series based on the Book BREATHING UNDER WATER by Father Richard Rohr. Lesson one is about seeing powerlessness as the source of true power.
You can join us in person at 10AM or watch the service on our live stream feed.
Our featured vocalist is Kari Joys. LeeAnn Aerlyn-Moore, Randy Clark, Gary Buettner, and Dagan Williamson will accompany her.