Despite their small size, plastic drinking straws represent a huge problem because they so easily end up in our waterways and oceans. That is why the Unity Eco Team’s January Challenge is to replace them with reusable alternatives made of stainless steel, bamboo, or silicone. And don’t forget to let your server know that you do not need a straw when you pick up your fast-food order. 

Factoid: Did you know that Americans alone use an estimated 390 million plastic straws every day? More concerning is that many of them end up in the world’s oceans. In other words, our use of plastic straws contributes to the ongoing damage of the marine ecosystem. In fact, scientists estimate that there may be as many as 8 billion straws littering shorelines around the world right now. Therefore, your decision to boycott plastic straws and urge governments and businesses to eliminate them is key to addressing this crucial environmental issue.