If you enjoy working with children, please add your name and contact info to the sign-up sheet on the Youth and Family bulletin board. You can also contact Amber by email at unityyouthuscni@gmail.com

There are many ways to support Youth Ed.

  • offer to teach a new skill,
  • Tell a story
  • bring healthy snacks
    play a musical instrument
  • provide a welcoming and supportive presence

If you or someone you know can give a little time to help our youth program, it will be most welcome.  

There are three levels of commitment

Regular Rotating Volunteer

Someone who commits to helping one Sunday a month. This role can include teaching or assisting a youth program.

Occasional Volunteer

Someone who can be called upon occasionally to help.

Special Day Volunteer

Someone who can help during a special event or who has a special talent, experience, story, or presentation they can share on a single Sunday.