The Message, the Meditation and the Music are the primary components of the Celebration Service that people remember and carry with them for inspiration, comfort and joy each Sunday. The Music enhances the service by echoing the teachings in the Minister's message. It speaks to the soul in ways that nothing else can. It truly is a universal language. 

Music Team

We celebrate the divine through our music ministry and are so grateful for the talent pool of musicians who serve here. Join the dynamic music team and share your artistic gifts as a soloist or instrumentalist. ‚Äč

Our featured ensemble is SOUL. They are led by our music director Gwen Gathercoal and her husband Paul Gathercoal, 

Unity Choir

According to Psychology Today, "a body of research finds singing in a group boosts mood, outlook, and health." Our Choir Director Julie Croteau invites anyone with an interest in singing to check out the Unity Choir. It meets each Monday at 6:30. Note: The Unity Choir rehearsal schedule changes to Sundays from 11:30am to 1:00pm, starting September 10.