Family Promise of North Idaho (FPNI) is one of Unity Center of Spiritual Growth’s (USCG) outreach ministries. The mission of FPNI is to help homeless families build new lives. Our role is serving as a member of FPNI’s Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN). The IHN is a coalition of local church partners representing a diverse community of faith. There are two levels of support within the IHN. The primary support comes from Host Congregations whose facilities are sufficient in size and scope to provide private space for lodging FPNI’s guest families. The other service level is for Support Congregations. Being smaller in size, support congregations commit to provide meals and overnight chaperones through a partnership with a host congregation. UCSG serves in a support role. Each week, Family Promise relies on members of the IHN to provide overnight lodging and meals for their guest families. Twice a year, our spiritual community fulfills a week of service on behalf of the guest families in the FPNI program. Our FPNI Coordinator is Tami Savage

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